Monday, April 17, 2017

The Lens Connection 1 -- Pubarun

Click on the photos for full-screen viewing...

About The Photographer:
Pubarun Basu

The photographer of these stunning clicks is special. He has not yet passed the first board exam of his life. This tenth standard student of South Point, Kolkata, is an immensely talented photographer, though his main interest lies elsewhere. He has been a disciple of Pt. Tanmoy Bose since he was six years old. He stood first at the All India Music Conference, 2014. He appeared as the youngest student in the documentary by Pt. Vijay Kichlu. Along with programs by SPICMACAY, ICCR, he has played tabla in a few television shows, live. Oh yes, he is also a member of the band - Project Neon Connection. For now, feel amazed by the photos from this shutter-happy little man. We hope to showcase more of his talents in the future.

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