Monday, October 24, 2011

Pareshnath Jain Temple - Joy Acharyya

Please click on each photo for larger view. (ছবিগুলো বড় করে দেখতে চাইলে ওপরে ক্লিক করুন।)
[These photos were shot after obtaining special permission from the trustees of the temple. Photography inside the temple is strictly prohibited unless prior special permission is taken.]

Pareshnath Jain Temple is located in the north-east of Kolkata. It was built by Ray Badridas Bahadur in 1867. He was a connoisseur of art which is evident in the decoration and architecture of the temple. It is one of the main tourist attractions of Calcutta. Hundreds of tourists, from across the globe, as well as local people visit this place every day to enjoy its beauty and experience the solemn environment.

There are four temples here. The main temple is dedicated to
the 10th Jain Avtaar (incarnation of God) Sri Sital Nath Ji. The gateway of the temple is a pleasant spectacle to behold.

A well decorated garden embellishes the place along with many effigies. There is a small stream which has an array of flowers on all sides. In the north portion of the campus, are the greeting room and a museum. One can reach the veranda of the temple by climbing thirteen marble stairs.
Another wonder in this temple is a lamp which burns with ghee and is never extinguished. On the south of the temple of Sri SitalaNath Ji stands the temple of Sri Chanda Prabhujidev. Ganeshlal Kapoorchand Jahar constructed it in 1895. There is another temple towards the right where Dadaji Garu and Kushalji Maharaj are worshipped. The 4th temple towards the north belongs to Mahavira the last guru of the Jains.
Main Jain festival is Paryushan celebrated in Bhadrav month. Jains observe ahimsa, listen to recitations of scriptures of worship and perform charitable deeds. Last day of festival is called Samvatsari.

About Joy: A software developer by profession and working for IBM India, photography to me is my passion, way to relax and a kind of creative release. I like to capture day-to-day human activities, their emotions and hence my favourite genres are street photography and candid portraits.
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