Monday, November 7, 2011

A Painter's Den - Dhananjoy

Please click on each painting for larger view. (ছবিগুলো বড় করে দেখতে চাইলে ওপরে ক্লিক করুন।)Extended details of all paintings are at the ens of the post.

1. Ashtray

Painter Dhananjoy Ghosh likes to capture the ever-extraordinary moods of the ordinary world around us. Scenes that you see every day through your window…..the dusty roads, the shanty tea-stall, hundreds of seemingly aimless people, the skyscrapers, the landscapes… speak to you in their own words through his paintings.
He completed his graduation from “College of Arts and Draftsmanship” in 2004. From his college days he was attracted to the impressionist painters, Bikash Bhattacharya being his personal favorite.  His first liking is canvas as support and oil paint as color. Though he used to use brushes to lay color in the beginning, presently he only uses the spatula.

2. Learner's domail
He now works as a full-time artist and also doing exhibitions regularly. He has taken part in various group exhibitions, like in OPEN PALM COURT GALLERY, INDIA HABITAT CENTER, New Delhi; ALLIANCE FRANCAISE, Dhaka, Bangladesh; KARNATAKA CHITRAKALA PARISHAT, Bangalore; ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata to name a few. Recently, in 2010, he did his first solo painting exhibition in ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata. Apart from the ‘Certificate of Merit’ received from AVANTIKA, New Delhi in 2003 and RAJJYA CHARUKALA in 2007, he is also the proud owner of the CAMLIN EASTERN REGION ART EXHIBITION, 2002 award and the ARANYA 2006 award from RAD.

3.  The room where I live
What’s better than his own words to describe himself as a canvas painter: “I am aware of the unthinkable changes that have occurred in the world of art in the last fifty years. Canvas painting is almost on the way of extinction. Practice with unconventional medium is being done worldwide. As a painter and also as a spectator, I am watching those works and also enjoying them and trying to understand them in my own way. But if I speak of myself, then I must say that above all, I am responsible to my surroundings, upbringing, lifestyle and true position. My paintings evolve from that responsibility.”
4. Trace of life

5. rderly disordered

Picture no.
Picture name
Award/current status
oil on canvas
Learners’ domain
SOLD (Academy   of fine Arts). also selected in National Exhibition.
The room where I live
SOLD (Academy   of fine Arts). also selected in National Exhibition.
Trace of life
Certificate of Merit: Rajya Charukala
Orderly disordered
SOLD (Academy   of Fine Arts)

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