Monday, November 28, 2011

Autumn in my Heart -- Chayan

Please click on each photo for larger view. (ছবিগুলো বড় করে দেখতে চাইলে ওপরে ক্লিক করুন।)

Fall has always been the most cherished of all seasons in Korea, a time to harvest and to hike, to travel and to party, to live and to love. 

The season begins with a subtle change in the light- the ‘Sky-High’ sporting a deep blue hue with occasional intrusion of white clouds and floating kites. Nights suddenly become starry & clear and chill starts to set in. 

The Pisondae, Gingko & Maple trees that line the streets are in full autumn color, a riot of red and
canary yellow. Along the pavement the fallen leaves end their days in golden glory.

During the weekends, the city parks are full of people camping with their loved ones, enjoying a plate of Bibimbap (rice dish with vegetable, egg or meat toppings) or Bulgogi (traditional meat dish) and beer.

Kids play around the rhythmic fountains while a group of teens sit cross-legged in a circle gossiping and giggling about their newest discoveries. Some of them prefer to spend the lazy afternoon collecting the vivid specimens of nature.

Somewhere, not far away, a couple walk through nature’s red carpet holding hands, with the falling leaves welcoming them. They stop for a while under a Maple tree with arms embraced around the neck and unknowingly their lips draw closer…                  
Along the country road, farmers chat about the year's harvest, enjoying a simple rice meal in the sun and passing a bottle of Soju (traditional liquor). It is also the time for Gimjang, a popular event throughout the country where cabbage is fermented to make the pungent Khimchi-arguably the best known Korean food.
In the evening as temperature dips, families find time to gather around a mountain campfire or in the courtyard for barbeque. Long family conversations make the evenings enjoyable and relaxing after a day’s work. The nights are cold but it is still too early in the year to close the windows and ignore the seduction of the black, starry skies.
Though the charmed season is short, it amazes outsiders with its unforeseen beauty and unmatched comfort. It truly is an experience to be enthralled in the beauty of nature, an experience that stays with you throughout your life.

About the photographer:

Chayan is an Engineer by profession and working for Transfield Worley NZ, New Plymouth, New Zealand. He believes in creative freedom and photography is purely his labour of love. His works are inspired by the nature, the people & the events around him. More results of his photographic adventure can be accessed at his flickr profile:

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