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Ras-Mancha: Bishnupur(1) -- Joy

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Ras-Mancha with it's unique architectural feature was built by the Malla king, Bir Hambir in the year 1600 A.D. . The structure
stands on a raised plinth, 1.5 m. high, with an unique pyramidal superstructure. The main shrine is enclosed by three circumambulatory  galleries with a massive pyramidal roof at the top. The structure is about 25.5 m. long on each side and 10.7 m. in height.  The outer arches are intricately decorated with lotus motifs as well as panels showing singers and dancers. This place was used during the Malla reign, as a center where images and idols from all other nearby temples and shrines are brought and displayed for public during the celebration of Rasa festival. Due to it's very very unique architectural structure, Ras Mancha is considered as one of it's kind, not only in West Bengal but all over India as well.

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